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The Look Of Love

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    Shaye Bennett, a 20-year-old student from Bangor, Maine, wastes no time taking off her clothes–what little there is of them–at the start of this video. Yeah, it’s a sexy outfit, but she knows we’d rather see her naked. Then she bends over. „I know you like my ass,“ she says before teasing, „So, is that cock getting hard yet?“ You know it is. „Come over here and let me stroke it for you.“ Obviously, if Shaye were in the military, she’d be the one barking out orders. „COCK OUT! STAND AT ATTENTION! STROKE IT, CADET!“ We love how Shaye strokes this guy’s cock through his shorts. We love how she lubes it up and strokes it from top to bottom, how she stares at the hard-on so lovingly. „I do love it,“ Shaye told us. „To me, the only thing that’s more beautiful than a hard cock is a hard cock that’s spurting cum. Preferably on my face.“ That can be arranged, Shaye. Now, at ease!

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